Hello and welcome! My name is Mike and I am a gamer, a student, and a writer. I have dedicated an enormous amount of time to playing, learning, and occasionally designing video games.

Even as a child I knew that games were special. They had an interesting way of bringing people together, whether it be on a couch or across the ocean. Gaming connects us. It impacts us not only as people, but as a culture. Even back then I knew that video games could be a catalyst for change.

Giving Bit by Bit is a website dedicated to discussing and understanding the impact of video games on other forms of media. This encompasses a variety of things from music, to art, and even to innovative story telling.

The reason that I decided to publish my thoughts and my writing is so that it can generate discussion. Any gamer that is passionate about games can tell you that games are so much more than a disc, or cartridge, or time sink. Games have given us so much. They are interactive experiences capable of enrapturing the player in a way that film and television cannot.

I hope to connect with people that care about the games they play. Gaming has evolved into a very social experience. There are so many ways for people to connect and share their love of games whether it be through YouTube, Twitch, or Reddit. I want this to be a place where people can talk about their favorite games and the impacts that they have had on the world that we live in today.

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