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Smash Bros. For Glory!

I am by no means an authority in the competitive Smash Bros. community nor am I the best player, but in my brief time on the competitive scene I have learned more about the game than the ten plus years I’ve spent playing the game and I would like to share some of that knowledge with you.

The first question that everybody asks is “How can I breakout onto the Pro Scene?” Well typically it’s phrased more like “How can I make money off of this?” Well the best answer to the latter question is play a different game. Competitive and Professional gaming is still new. It is inconsistent, and very difficult to make a living off of. If you have any other marketable skills other than playing Smash Bros. you should probably pursue a career in that instead. In my 16 years of playing this series I have made a whopping $20.

Now if you simply want to improve your play and attend tournaments as either a spectator or a player there’s an article on primagames.com that can fill you in. Maybe the competitive scene isn’t your thing, but you still want to be involved. Try the online community. Smash Bros. has a variety of subreddits including /r/smashbros, /r/sm4sh, and /r/crazyhands. Try sharing your love of the game by making YouTube videos or streaming on Twitch.

Finally let’s talk about actually playing the game. Smash Bros. is a franchise that has been around since 1999. It is a game that many of us have fond memories of. I myself have sunk hundreds of hours into the first installment alone.┬áThis is not an ordinary fighting game. It is a game that features many beloved nintendo characters.

Choosing your character is important. You can of course look up tier lists and keep up with the meta of the game. You can even pick your character specifically to counter your opponent’s. The game’s roster is 55 characters strong and it is impossible for one player to achieve a higher level of play with all of them. Pick a handful of your favorites and get to work.

Next you need to practice daily. Warming up against the AI can be useful, and using training mode to test and learn combos is a must, but you need to play against actual players as well. Play locally, play online, just play every day. Work on air game, ground game, and edge game. It is easy to spot the difference between a good player and a bad one. A bad player spends all of his time on the ground or in the air. A good player uses both, and will follow up on every opening that you give to them. Case and point the Knee of Justice.

Lastly do not put any player, professional or otherwise on a pedestal. If you think that they are better than you or that you will never compare to them then you have already lost.